It’s 1978 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the most unremarkable year in history, according to college senior Wade Russell. The 60’s are finally over, Jimmy Carter is President and political apathy reigns supreme. Wade is General Manager of the campus radio station and music and radio are everything to him and his friends, Dave and Mars. They share an uncompromising passion for punk rock and a contempt for the dreaded disco music dominating the culture.

In their zeal to spread the ‘punk gospel’ they run into direct conflict with the station’s music director, the University Dean and, ultimately, the Federal Government. After a dramatic incident on the air, the FCC threatens to shut down the station unless they pay a massive fine.

In reaction, Wade and his friends hatch an unlikely scheme to bring the British punk band, The Clash, to play at a fundraising concert in Kalamazoo to pay off the fine. This sets off an unpredictable and hilarious series of events that include taking over a disco club as a P.R. stunt and staging a fake kidnapping.

At the same time, Wade keeps trying to hook up with his ‘dream girl’, Melanie Vincent, but his incredible shyness and righteous music attitude keep getting in the way. His friend Dave, ever the ladies man, tries to school him in the mysterious ways of women but this causes even more problems for Wade.

Lurking in the background is a plot by corporate broadcasting firm, MediaCom, to push the FCC to revoke the station’s license so they can take it over for their own commercial ends. In an effort to derail the concert MediaCom President, Bill Malleck, tries to co-opt Wade with the promise of a job at a commercial station after graduation. Finally, Wade must choose between ensuring his future or saving the station.

In the style of films like Almost Famous and High Fidelity, Waiting for the Clash explores that magical but complicated time between adolescence and adulthood- a time of dreams, passion and rock & roll!